At Solar- OverSight, our focus must be on three principal areas.

First, we focus on developing partners who will co-develop energy projects together. Typically funding for smaller energy programs is difficult to obtain, but we have developed a special funding program which brings together several capital sources to get these projects off the ground.

Secondly, we focus on our energy clients by providing them with the ability to include renewable energy when they choose their power generation source. The combination of our proprietary tools and strategic relationships allows us to bring our clients renewable energy solutions catered to their key business and energy objectives, strategies, and goals. To date, these clients have not had access to renewable energy generation because of either the high unit costs or risks associated with smaller projects, or the cost of alternative energy sources. This has made these projects undesirable to other independent power producers, but we have created a Development Roadmap that makes these projects feasible for both Solar- OverSight as the independent power producer and the communities and institutions purchasing the power. This program consists of a mix of grants, traditional financing, crowd-funding, and our financial modeling. Benefits we bring to our clients include:

  • Energy Rate Certainty
  • Affordability and Efficiency
  • Clean, Sustainable Energy
  • Dependable, Qualified Minority-Certified Supplier

Thirdly, we focus on underserved individuals, communities and associations, aiming to provide control of their energy choices through access to clean, affordable and renewable energy. We also provide access to and promote investment in renewable energy related projects and technologies by and on behalf of minorities and other groups that may have otherwise had limited access to this investment asset class as a choice.